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Contracting SEO Services From What No Website doesn't mean we only tell you what's wrong with your SEO.

We show you how to fix your SEO !

This, our experience and openness is what sets us apart !

It's also why we retain clients for longer than most SEO's.

Time For An Experiment...

Contact an SEO company, any SEO company and do the following...

  1. Ask them for a quotation to "Manage" your SEO
  2. Also ask them what the cost would be to "Train" or "show" you how to manage your SEO
  3. Finally, ask them how they "measure" their results

Now almost everyone knows what SEO is (or at least they have a general idea) but where most "web designers" appear to fall down is two critical areas:

Where Other Designers May Fall Down:

  •  Lack of experience
  •  Not looking at SEO as part of the bigger picture

We look at your SEO as part of the whole. It's crucial to understand what you do, why you do it, what sets you apart and where your business will be in 3-5 years.

We look at your SEO from the perspective of local search, how you rank both locally and globally (should you want a wider geographical audience). We discuss where the vision of the company is and where you'd like to be and also gain a feel for what you know and would like to learn so that you can take control.

Where We Excel:

  •  Over 20 years experience
  •  Clients in multiple countries
  •  Multiple multi language sites designed AND optimised
  •  Average client retention period: 3-5 years

Unlike some agencies we do not keep our clients hostage. We empower them and enable them to be independent and they stay with us because of this. Take a moment to browse through our Testimonials and see for yourself.

The Information and Guidance Provided

ONLY Comes With Experience

It cannot be taught

Optimised By Design

If you've read our page on Web Design you'll no doubt know that all the websites that have been developed are optimised from the day they are designed.

Now that may not mean that every single page is optimised as this would be an enormous task if a website holds hundreds of pages and very often the client needs the site launching quickly. So that's where ongoing SEO training comes in.

What Sets Us Apart...

There must be scores if not hundreds of "SEO Agencies" in your local area. Contact them, ask them for a quotation (because they will rarely publicly post prices and services included as we have here) and also ask them what the cost would be to "show" you what they have done and how they did it. Also ask them how they measure their SEO efforts.

Now consider the fact that we show you not only what's wrong with your SEO and how to fix it but if you do not have a dedicated designer on hand we'll even fix the issues for you and train you on how to manage your SEO as you develop your online business.

Sample Reports

Click the image to open up some sample reports...

The reports we produce are a very small part of what you get, the advice and information (based on over 20 years experience) help you take control of your own SEO.

This can't be stressed enough: We work with you so that you gain a thorough understanding of SEO and how it can be used to improve your online presence.

This is where ongoing SEO training comes in. Here's a brief overview of the SEO Services Packages on offer:

Sample Analytics Report

The following report is a sample of what we produce for our clients. They can also be customised to meet your needs.

These reports are dynamic, live and can be easily customised to meet your specific business requirements.

Each report is dynamic and updates as you load it and view it, the dates on the overview page can be changed easily so you can see your performance for any period you like. All you need to do is select the drop down menu for the date and select a period that you're interested in. The data then updates automatically for you.

Google Search Console

Unlike Analytics, Google Search Console shows where you appeared in the search engines results pages (SERPs for short) and gives a detailed breakdown of how well you're doing in search.

Unlike Google Analytics, Google Search Console tells you about where your website appears in search and how people are finding you online.

This, coupled with our SERPs Tracking tool can give you some real insight into how well you're performing in search for any given search term and location.

Most of our clients find this information especially useful if they are actively marketing their business through social media and content creation.

As with all our reports they can also be customised to your individual needs.

Google My Business

Google Local, Google My Business (it has various names) is the little box that appears in search with your businesses details and information about your business (including where you are and contact details).

Being prominent in local search is easier with Google My Business and that's why we've included it in our new services.

Compare Our SEO Packages...

Use the table below to compare the various SEO packages we have available. If you'd like something more customised to your requirements just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


The recommendations we provide will be quite technical. We do not want to you to feel stuck and we do not provide technical support with our "DIY" package, just expert advice.

Therefore DO NOT request our DIY SEO package if you cannot execute the recommendations yourself or have an in-house designer or freelancer that can implement recommended changes for you.

• White Labelling Also Available For Agencies •

Terms Explained:

  • DIY

    By "DIY" we don't mean we leave you completely on your own. Our reports are intuitive, both you and a seasoned designer should easily be able to make sense of them and know what needs doing.

  • We Show You

    This package is more suited to those that do not have a dedicated designer and are willing to execute the changes themselves.

  • We DO

    This is where we help you most and you also realise the changes much more quickly. We produce the reports, discuss what needs doing and the changes required.

    If the suggested changes are in line with your business goals then we execute those changes for you.

  • Dedicated Hours

    With a typical project we will spend a minimum of 2-4 hours per month simply on report generation and 1 hour per week scheduled to discuss your project with you.

    We don't just tell you what's wrong, you get to know why these elements need improvement and how to execute those changes.

  • Critical Analysis

    With our Critical Analysis we look both technically and physically at your website structure. We take into account KNOWN ranking signals such as site speed and mobile friendliness and we also take a deeper look at the site and how it was constructed.

    This is the first of our reports and by far the most important as it quickly idetifies what needs improvement and what's working well within a few seconds of reading.

  • Meta Data Reports

    Our Meta Data Reports and Technical SEO Analysis are typically combined into one report as they complement each other.

    The Technical SEO Analysis quickly identifies which pages need work while the Meta Data Reports provide a deep insight into what exactly is the issue with each individual page found.

    Executing these changes alone could take weeks for a larger site.

  • Keywords Analysis

    The Keywords Analysis report provides an insight into which search terms are most popular for your industry, where your focus should be and what people are looking for.

  • Keywords Distribution

    Our Keywords Distribution report complements the Keywords Analysis report by providing you with a focused list of search terms that you can use to garner interest in what you do and help reach a wider audience.

  • Analytics & GSC Overview

    The monthly Analytics & GSC (Google Search Console) Overview report that we produce helps our clients identify quickly what's working and where to focus their efforts on improvement.

  • SERPs Tracking

    With no exceptions every client we have provided SERPs Tracking for have seen value and benefit in this service.

    We take the identified search terms from the keywords report and insert these into our SERPs Tracking systems (we run multiple systems for cross correlation of data) and we monitor the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.

    You'll notice this is included as standard across all projects and that's because we know the value this brings to an SEO Project.

    One thing we also do which is unique is that we research suggested terms that you are acvtually already ranking for through a discovery process and add these to your tracking for you as standard.

    Reports are produced daily, weekly and monthly.

  • SEO Dojo

    Our training platform to help you learn more about SEO and how to implement changes.

  • Server Monitoring

    Our Server Monitoring system helps identify weaknesses in your server's infrastructure, from this we can make recommendations on any required changes.

  • Recommendations

    As part of our typical reporting process we will have a 1 hour weekly consultation with you where we discuss what the reports hold and how to best execute the recommended changes.

  • Consultation

    In addition to our recommendations we also consult with you on how best to execute these and bear in mind also what your short and long term business goals might be.

  • Changes Executed

    At this stage we execute the changes for you.

    This kind of project is typically undertaken by clients who do not have a dedicated design resource or need additional design resources to help them with their ongoing SEO.

  • Dedicated Hours

    Dedicated hours relates to the amount of time in an average month you can expect us to be dedicated to your project.

    Typically the first month we will invest 2-4 times this amount and once we get the initial reports and procedures in place this will become more manageable.

  • Your Investment

    This is how much time we would anticipate a client would invest in the project.

    Clearly this is flexible. Clients with a dedicated design resource will invest less time as their designer will execute most of the tasks and as the project progresses typically this will become more manageable.

  • 1

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Tools We Use...

Although there is never any substitute for 25+ years experience we do have a selection of tools that we use (depending on the project) that may be useful for you too so we thought we would summarise them here.

Google's Keywords Planner

Google's AdWords Keywords Planner tool is perfect for taking your primary search term and expending on that. For example, if we were to ask Google's Keywords Planner how many searches are executed from the UK for a search term such as "Leather shoes" we would find the average number of searches per month for that search term. However, we would also find around 600 other search terms that might be useful to your business. Many of these would not be useful for your business but it's a great start and helps focus on searches that are relevant to your business.

What's next though...? What do you do with these search terms...?

Keyword Distribution Report

As you'll see in our Available SEO Projects they all have one thing in common: Leywords distribution.

We take the keywords report and create a plan of content to be created around these search terms. These then get turned into content and placed on your website.

Finding Other Useful Search Terms

We also use Answer The Public to find terms that may be of interest.

Google Trends

Identifying Trends

Another great tool for identifying trends in search terms is Google Trends. In the graph here we can see that "Web Design" consistently out performs "Website Design".

This is especially useful if you're looking to get content to the top of Google for recent news articles or topics of particular interest.

Testing For Mobile Speed

Google have a great tool for this called Test Your Mobile Website Speed. It's perfect for testing if your website works well with mobile.

However, there's no substitute for testing yourself and optimising for mobile speed.

Get An Overall View

Another great tool we use to get an overall view of a website, whether it has been optimised and what needs improving is Silktide.

We use this tool in all of our projects and many many others but as stated above there is NO SUBSTITUTE for an eyes on approach and over 2 decades of experience.

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