Project Workflow

There is no such thing as a "typical" project in web design. However, that said we do try and follow a process and with that in mind the following loosely fits how our projects are managed...

As you'll probably already know from our portfolio, increasingly many of our clients are spread around the globe. We have clients as far West as Hawaii and as far East as Germany and beyond. This is primarily why we follow a process and also provide 100% visibility on how any given project is progressing.

This way we find clients are less stressed, do not feel the need to pick up the phone and ask how things are progressing (as we keep them updated before they feel the need to ask) and the project flows much more smoothly.

A typical project will follow three distinct phases: Development, Launch & Ongoing Maintenance.


The development stage is where all the investigative and development work gets done. It's where the foundations are laid for much bigger things that may well be required later.

As all our sites are modular this helps with any future development and also means the client can scale up or down as they require and as fits their business.

Typical development tasks will include...

  • Development of the client's website on our high end VPS servers or equivalent
  • Development and execution of all tasks outlined in the "Production Schedule"
    • This is a document we use that controls the delivery of all projects and also provides the client with 100% visibility on how the project is progressing at any time
  • Site finalised and reviewed by client
  • Any snagging or final changes made
  • Client final approval


Realistically "Launch" is just another way of saying "It's live". Quite often we'll develop a website behind a login so only you and those authorised can review the development and make changes.

This also ensures that the image you want to portray is preseved and is "just right" before we go live.

Typical launch tasks will include...

  • Unless site requires VPS services such as newsletter mailsend or customised scripts that CANNOT run in a shared environment client site migrated over to release server
  • Release checklist is completed on project production schedule
  • Client billing finalised and all orders homogenised
  • All administrative logins and IP passed to client
  • Google Analytics, Search Console and AdWords accounts created (where required)

Ongoing Maintenance:

Ongoing maintenance includes things like making sure the site is maintained up to date, that security loopholes are fixed as they come up (site software changes weekly as new threats are found) and other more mundane tasks like backups etc.

Some of the more interesting tasks in this phase fall under the broad headings of "SEO" (Search Engine Optimisation), "SERPs" (Search Engine Results Pages) and "SMM" (Social Media Marketing).

For example, a well known phrase in the web design industry is "A website is never finished" and that's true. Search engines change the way they rank results (SERPs), social media sites change the way they present your posts and optimisation is not something that can be just done once and left alone.

However, for those clients that prefer to do this themselves we have that covered. We provide video tutorials through our YouTube channel, free SEO training through SEO Dojo and through Plus My Reach we can also manage a client's social media for them (or indeed they can manage this themselves.

Other services provided post launch include SERPs Tracking where you can track how well your website is doing in search and Server Heartbeat where you can monitor your website for outages or problems.

All this (wherever possible) is provided FOR FREE for all our clients while they get accustomed to managing their own websites and social media accounts.

Typical ongoing maintenance tasks will include...

  • Many clients choose to manage their own updates and not be on an ongoing retainer (This is perfectly fine and planned for)
  • Client is offered access to video tutorials and new ones created specifically for the client where required especially relating to ongoing maintenance and SEO
  • Retainer packages offered if needed
  • 3 months free access to Server Heartbeat offered
  • 3 months free use of Plus My Reach also offered to manage Facebook page posts
  • 3 months free use of Plus My Reach also offered to manage Twitter account management
  • 3 Months free use of SERPs Tracking also offered to track the SEO and SRPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the site's primary keywords (up to a maximum of 10)
  • SEO training offered through SEO Dojo

Should the client wish to continue using the above SEO, SMM & Monitoring services then a discount is offered that is ONLY made available to existing clients.

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