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Attracting Twitter Followers Easily

Anyone who's designed websites for more than a few months will probably know what a Call To Action (CTA) and user or sales funnel is so I'm going to assume that you're in a position where you've designed your website and created a funnel that works well and you simply need more organic traffic.

The method that's outlined here is simple, easy to follow and if used allows you to spend more time attracting the right kinds of followers in order to engage with them through social or other mediums and convert them through your website.


Attracting users is probably the hardest part of the process. You need good graphics and a message that resonates and/or creates an emotional attachment for the prospect in order to entice them to communicate with you and find out more.

What you say is important and just as important is the fact that if you're constantly talking at users about your latest product or service you're likely to turn them off pretty quickly.

What You Have to Say

We'd suggest that you mix your content. For example, we might post a Tweet about our Blog, or link to a specific article that isn't directly selling anything (such as this one for example). Yes, there may well be CTAs down the side of the content or even mixed in with the content but in essence it's not about selling. It's about information provision.

Retweeting other users content is also a method of attracting users. not just those whos content you retweeted but those that read that content also.


Good use of Hashtags is also helpful here. For example you might be looking to promote an article on the benefits of Banana milkshakes for breakfast. Well you might think that #Banana and #Milkshake would be a good combination of hashtags but what about "#HealthyEating" which gets more hashtags per hour than the other two combined.

We use RiteTag a lot for researching Hashtags, combinations of Hashtags and how these might be used.

Using Lists

We can also help by creating very specific lists of users for you to friend (or follow). Around 5-10% of these will follow back if the niche and the message is right. Our lists are also updated daily so there's always a fresh supply of new users to follow.


Our system also allows us to execute very specific searches for users and friend these en bloc (within the Twitter API limits of-course) on your behalf. Again, as the niche is usually aligned with what you do the reciprocation runs at around 5-10%.

Managing These Users

One thing we can also do is manage these users on your behalf. Follow back those that follow you and remove those from your friends list who unfollow automatically.

This leaves you free to work on your content. We suggest an 80/20 split with 80% (or there abouts) being informational tweets or retweets or simply information provision or even something light haerted while the remaining 20% is more sales orientated.

Again, this all depends on the niche, your market and what your goal is.


If we're managing your users for you then that frees up your time to engage with the new followers we've found together through images, tweets and of course direct messaging. We'd urge caution against automatic DMing your new followers as this can simply alienate them from your brand. Do take time to chat with some though and even retweet their content where you find it of value.

Something that's all too often overlooked is Twitter Chats. These are a great source of prospects and a way of helping others find out more about what you do. When we use Twitter Chats we generally gain followers quite easily so I'd recommend this and we'd be more than happy to help you create a strategy for doing this.


Converting those prospects is mainly down to your website (where you're not encouraging prospects to make direct contact that is) and this is another area we can help you with (although it is a little outside the scope of this article) and it's crucial that you can actually convert a prospect when they get through to your website.

The Solution

Many companies pay to outsource their entire social media strategy. I prefer to help deal with the technical while the client manages the rest. The Social Media Management system we have in place can do all of the above and more. However, many of our clients prefer to simply build and maintain an organic Twitter Tribe using one of our SMM packages (compare them here).

How Effective Is It...?

A question we often get asked.

The chart displayed here outlines a 4 week test where the orange line indicates no (or nominal) social media activity on Twitter. The blue line represents a campaign that clearly had an impact on the amount of traffic to the website.

The site in question went from less than 100 impressions a day on Twitter to over 40,000 and the website of-course received a significant increase in the number of visitors.

This is a common thread and it's also a very cost effective and sustainable method of generating significant amounts of traffic to a site. What's more, so long as you continue to put out good quality content our system will continually maintain and grow your followers base for you. Typical gains (where we're a little more aggressive about our following strategy) gain our clients between 500 - 2,000 users a month.

Compare Our Twitter SMM Packages

Social Media

With over 2 decades of experience in the web industry you can be sure we've tried and tested the methods we recommend.

Twitter Account Management (Starter)

Take the stress out of managing your Twitter account growth. We manage the followers while you manage the engagement.


Twitter Account Management (Auto Tweets)

Take the stress out of managing your Twitter account growth. We manage the followers and Tweets while you manage the engagement.


Creation of Google+ Page

Creation of an optimised Google+ Local Business listing.


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