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Monday, 09 October 2017 15:31

SERPs? What Is It?

When we wrote up our article on Why Are SERPs Important? we didn't expect it to rank as highly as it did but it has ranked as highly as third organic position and it's no surprise really as more and more people get to know what SERPs are and how they are significant to even smaller bsuinesses.

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is very simply where you appear in search for any given term. For example, if you Google “What No Website” we rank top. If you Google “Yorkshire Pudding SEO” we also rank top but that's not surprising really.

Let's take something a little less obscure and more mainstream shall we? Try searching in Google for “Should I Contract a Local Designer” and you'll see we're at the top for the UK market.

We know, this and where we appear for many other search terms simply because we track these results in Google.

With we can track multiple search terms across multiple search engines simultaneously. We can also track Google Knowledge Graph results (those results boxes you get at the top right of the screen with a map link and photos for example). We can track on different devices so we know where you appear when someone searches on mobile or a tablet device.

Just as important !

We can also track your competitors !

We often track not only our clients' website(s) but also those of their sompetitors. This can help identify what's working, what needs improvement and what others are doing that is pushing them to the top or holding them back !

SERPs Tracking for Small Businesses

Agency SERPs packages can and easily do cost well in excess of £200 - £300 per month. Our platform is 100% automated and this reduces costs significantly. Even a smaller business can benefot from knowing where they are in search and this can be achieved from as little as £9 per month !

Visit SERPs Tracking to find out more !

Get in touch today and see how we can help you track your search results from as little as £9 a month !

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