Project Lifecycle Management

Full Project Lifecycle Management

This is a little bit more involved with stakeholder meetings, drafts and sketches, an informal SWOT analysis looking for the good and bad in an existing system and then taking that to create a very detailed project scope.

From there of course we need wireframes and layouts for the user, perhaps even user profiles and a few UI examples for different devices as we're becoming more and more mobile. Perhaps a keyword analisys and distribution is required and then UX testing before we go live with code.

All this can take days, weeks and even months for larger projects. I've written up scopes that span many pages, required sign-off in different countries by stakeholders and then presented the wireframes to the audience (which is always an anxious moment) and I've hardly ever got it wrong which is great when the users see the creation.

But (yeah, I know, my English teacher would kill me starting a setnence with "but") there's more to it than that isn't there...? Let's take Plus My Reach as an example. The design went through a number of iterations and user testing prior to delivery upon the unspspecting audience of Google+.

Once that phase was complete we had to do a series of Hangouts or webinars to help reach our intended audience as PMR did (and still does) something no other application was capable of doing.

That's right...No one else is doing this STILL ! which for me is a great boon because I love working on bleeding edge stuff.

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