The portfolio you see is limited, primarly due to the fact that 3rd party off shore designers tend to contact clients I have worked with to try and sell in their SEO services pretending to be me. I'm more than happy to bring in my laptop to a meeting and show you code I have created and how it works. I've done this previously and have no problems doing it again.

Freelancing and Contracting

More recently you'll notice from my portfolio that I have been consulting rather than executing. This is primarily because I have been contracting so have had very little time to develop websites in my own time. However, that said, I have worked with Age UK to help them create a social media platform with which to engage their audience, GHoPA to work on a solution to help engage with a younger audience about the activities and services available in their area and of course Scout 50 where we developed a custom PHP system to crawl and use APIs to collocate client data for their dashboards.

What No Website

This site has been created with a hand coded Bootstrap template from the ground up and rests on a Joomla 3 framework. That gave me the ability to physycally turn off certain elements for mobile and focus on the delivery of the content for those devices.

There's also a number of scripts running in the background that you won't even see such as the device detection script which not only detects the device but the manufacturer. Logged in users of-course gain access to other areas based on their login and as an Administrator I can administer much of the account functions through the front end so I don't even have to login to the admin area.

For those of you that use Joomla you'll already know where this is and I'm sure you'll try accessing it, I encourage you too, that way you can see how easy it is to secure a Joomla website (and all it took was one line of PHP code). For those that don't know how to get to the Joomla backend just click here.

Plus My Reach

A Joomla driven responsive site that has hand coded PHP which makes extensive API calls to Google+ and Facebook.

Zounds AdTrack

Joomla manages the users and what little content there is while a hand coded system manages the document upload and approval process for one of the biggest hearing aid suppliers in the US.

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