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Updated Backup Procedures

This is an update of our New Backup Procedures that were released in April 2017.

Currently we take 2 types of backups for you:

  • Full cPanel Backup
  • Website Backup

Full cPanel Backup:

This is everything, your website, the database(s), mail acocunts and even the website backups that your CMS (Joomla or WordPress) takes each day or week.

All accounts on our server are systematically backed up and stored:

  • Daily (for 1 week)
  • Monthly (up to 3 months)

These backups are stored on the server for a short period, on a separate secure server and also offline for around a month.


With these backups we can restore everything on your account

Website Backup:

These are full website backups that your CMS (Joomla or WordPress) takes each day, week or month (depending on how frequently these have been set). These are stored on your website and are accesible through the administration area of your website and also through your cPanel account which means your website can be restored or rolled back at any time with just a few mouse clicks.

We'd recommend you download these periodically

It's highly unlikely we'll ever need to use these backups although when we do it's usually because the client may have inadvertantly deleted or damaged someonthing on their website.

They are also much quicker to restore than a full cPanel backup.

Restore Procedures:

If at any time you have a problem and you'd like your website restoring you can simply go to the backup facility on your website through the administration area and use the restore option.

You can also do this through cPanel but it requires that you have the technical knowledge required to manually restore a Joomla or WordPress backup. We find that the administration area is far quicker and easier as it only takes a few mouse clicks and a cup of coffee to restore an antire website

If the problem is more serious or you need an entire account restore we can do that for you.

This is a free service for all our hosting clients and is included in your monthly hosting fee.

If your website has been suspended then we do not take backups

This means that if you have not paid for your web hosting for more than 3 months it's possible that you have no backups and that your account has been removed from our servers.

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