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Our social media services fall into two broad categories:

Social Media Management

Where we manage your social media for you, optimise your social pages and engage with users to encourage them to make contact and do business with you.

Social Media Marketing

Where you use our platforms, audiences and your own to market your product/service to prospective customers.

We manage a large number of facebook groups, mailing lists and other social media platforms with a reach that exceeds over half a million users.

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Facebook Group Marketing

Use our groups to reach a wider audience for just £25 per month !

With all the groups we manage we can reach around half a million users and show them your company.

It's no secret that social media helps drive traffic to a website. On average around 30% of all traffic to our website comes from social media. A further 25% comes from referrals or links in from other sites.

Of the social channels that send traffic our way Twitter accounts for around 50% of visits while Facebook accounts for around 40%. Not surprising really considering we spend more time on these channels than others.

Pick Your Audience Wisely

The main channels we use are Facebook and Twitter. However, we also use Pinterest and Tumblr. Why...? Well for SEO reasons.

Grow Organically & Easily

At last count our Twitter account had over 15,000 followers, all organic ! and we did this over a few months slowly and steadily to help reach a wider audience.

How Do We Do It ?

Quite simply: we select the best content from your inventory and post it, along with the appropriate hashtags. This, combined with scheduling ensures your social media marketing gets the most eyeballs possible which in turn drives traffic to your website.

Every client is different and their audience diverse so for that reason we offer the ability to manage your social media for the following channels:

Where We Can Post...

  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Schedule Posts

Schedule as many posts as you like to as many channels as you like, no limits !

Spread your posts out or send them in one burst, it's entirely up to you.

Save Posts As Drafts or Templates

Our favourite tool is the ability to save posts as drafts or templates. We then dip in from time to time and use one of these as a scheduled posts and add it to the queue.

This feature alone saves hours each day crafting content for social media !

Post Images Into Twitter

One major failing of many of the social Media Marketing tools out there is their inability to post images directly into your Twitter feed. No more !

Our platform allows this and more...

Save hours of time on your social networks

Increase your engagement, likes and success

Easily find and post relevant content & videos

Schedule days or weeks of content in minutes

Manage your social networks in one place

But wait... There's more...

Auto Repeat Scheduler

We can take any post and auto schedule to repeat daily, weekly or monthly so you'll never need to copy and paste the successful posts back into the scheduler again.

Upload Content in Bulk

We can easily take a large number of images and posts and automatically upload these for you.

Detailed Stats

Measure your engagement across all connected channels quickly and easily and all in one place !

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Let Us Manage Your Social...

For clients who are new to social, prefer to focus on the day to day running of their business or simply just need to hand off the management of their social media marketing we also provide dedicated resources to help you reach a wider audience on social media.

Contact us today and get a bespoke quotation to manage your social media marketing campaign.

Typically we will manage 1, 2 or 3 social media accounts for our clients such as Facebook, Twitter & perhaps Google+ or Pinterest. We'll schedule posts for you and provide full detailed metrics on these accounts each month so you can see how effective your social media campaign is.

In addition, we'll ensure your social media platform is optimised and provides users with the best possible experience.

Get in touch and get your social working for you !

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Compare Our Social Media Management Packages

  • Starter

    Perfect if you'd like to manage your own social content.
    Normal Price: 24.99/Month
    £9.99/Monthly 3 Social Accounts 10 Stored Recurring Updates 10 Recurring updates /day/account Unlimited Content Libraries
  • Basic

    If you need us to manage your social content for you.
    Normal Price: 29.99/Month
    £14.99/Monthly 3 Social Accounts 100 Stored Recurring Updates 10 Recurring updates /day/account Unlimited Content Libraries
  • Pro

    Perfect if you have a number of social accounts.
    Normal Price: 59.99/Month
    £39.99/Monthly 10 Social Accounts 1000 Stored Recurring Updates 20 Recurring updates /day/account Unlimited Content Libraries
  • Agency

    If you manage social accounts for others.
    Normal Price: 99.99/Month
    £74.99/Monthly 20 Social Accounts Unlimited Recurring Updates 40 Recurring updates /day/account Unlimited Content Libraries
  • 1