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Keeping your customers informed, providing information to prospective clients and funneling new clients through a process of information are all things that are possible with our email marketing platform.

We use this platform on almost all the websites we create. Some send a handful of e-mails out a week while others send thousands a month and all share a few common features that we're going to go through here briefly.

The most important feature of-course is whether the platform you use meets legislative requirements. The system we use complies with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and also the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. We believe that with those compliance features as a minimum requirement it will meet your requirements too.


Data privacy is a big concern for anyone managing an email marketing campaign and we also take this seriously. As a minimum we would recommend that your domain has an SSL certificate installed and that the domain is configured to deliver all content securely.

We take further measures to ensure that the data is kept secure, not least of which is ensuring that all security updates are applied as they become available but other measures also that we never disclose publicly but are available to all our clients as standard.

So let's take a look at some of the more specific features available for our email marketing system:


The system is open and available to the public so anyone can subscribe. Additional fields can be added such as telephone number and these can be made a required field or not, it's entirely up to you. We can also add a Captcha system if needed but we have found that with the Double Opt In option enabled we never have need for this.

Once a user subscribes a welcome page and mail can be sent to them. They can be directed to a specific page with perhaps an offer or discount or simply a "Hi, and thanks!" message. You can also receive a notification of each new subscriber if you like.

Double Opt In

This is probably the most important feature of the system. When a user subscribes the system can, if required, send a confirmation mail to that user requesting that they "opt in" and they simply click a link in a confirmation mail to do this. This is a HTML template so is completely customisable and can even include dynamic content such as your last Blog post (because the entire system sits on a domain that can have a Blog system installed also).


User can be automatically subscribed to any number of lists that you create, there's no limit. What's more, if a user is subscribed to more than 1 list and you send a newsletter to every list you have created then that user will only ever receive one copy of the newsletter and not one for each list they are subscribed to.

HTML Responsive Newsletters

You can find, upload and use or even create your own HTML newsletter to use in the system. The majority of our clients are happy to use one of the hundreds of available templates and we can even code specific layouts of needed.

We also have a wide selection of responsive newsletters available that have already been tested on tablet and mobile devices so you know they can be read easily..

Automated Newsletters

If run in combination with the Blog area you can quite easily have an automated newsletter that runs once a day, a week or even every month that automatically pulls new content from the Blog and sends it out to a specific list.

You can also update the template prior to send and it will auto send the new content when it's next due to run.


Our platform will also manage campaigns. You can send a series of newsletters out to users following their subscription.

Let's say a user subscribes on a Saturday. They would obviously receive the double opt in message, that could in theory be followed up with a brief newsletter once they have confirmed their subscription or just the last newsletter that was sent.

Then the campaign can kick in and on Monday they receive the first newsletter in the campaign, followed by another later in the week (or even the next day) and so on, right through to the following Sunday.

Send Limits

Something we get asked often is "How many mails can your system send. It's quite simple: There are no limits. You can in theory send 10,000 mails a minute but we'd recommend against that. Depending on which Web Hosting package you choose you can send up to 3,000 mails per hour and this is all automated for you. You can send more and we can even create a customised option for you if you require more resources. However, our recommendation (and based on tests that we have run) would be that the limits set are acceptable.

There's so much more the system can do to help you with your email marketing efforts. Why not get in touch and see how we can help...?

Newsletter Platform Installation

We install your newsletter platform for you and ensure that it's up to date and ready for configuration and use.


Newsletter Platform Configuration

Once installed your newsletter platform requires a significant amount of configuration and we can help with that.


Newsletter Transmission

We'll take your content, load it into our system and ensure that it's ready for sending.


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