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Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business

Currently we provide access to Google Analytics through a shared account on Google (where clients need access) and to Google Search Console (formerley Google Webmaster Tools) in pretty much the same way.

Google My Business (also known as Google Local, Google Local Guide, Knowledge Graph and Snack Pack) is predominantly provided as a free service to our clients but no metrics are provided.

That's about to change.

What's Available...

We now have a facility to provide all this information in an automated and easy to understand way. One login to our website and a click on a menu and hey presto: All your search and local listings data will be available in one place.

We're also currently delivering a number of tutorials and videos through SEO Dojo to help users make sense of their Analytics data and optimising their websites.

To Access Your Reports Simply Click Here

You will need to register an account with us and have an active subscription plan to gain access to these reports.

Google Analytics

Analytics in essence tells you who came to your website and what they looked at. There's much more detailed information available here too and the reports we provide help you dig a little deeper and look into the information that is available on your website's users.

Just click on the image to the right to open up an image gallery of sample reports.

As with all our reports these can be customised to your liking providing detailed statistics and information about the users who visit your website.

Each report is dynamic and updates as you load it and view it, the dates on the overview page can be changed easily so you can see your performance for any period you like. All you need to do is select the drop down menu for the date and select a period that you're interested in. The data then updates automatically for you.

Google Search Console

Unlike Analytics, Google Search Console shows where you appeared in the search engines results pages (SERPs for short) and gives a detailed breakdown of how well you're doing in search.

Unlike Google Analytics, Google Search Console tells you about where your website appears in search and how people are finding you online.

This, coupled with our SERPs Tracking tool can give you some real insight into how well you're performing in search for any given search term and location.

Most of our clients find this information especially useful if they are actively marketing their business through social media and content creation.

As with all our reports they can also be customised to your individual needs.

Google My Business

Google Local, Google My Business (it has various names) is the little box that appears in search with your businesses details and information about your business (including where you are and contact details).

Being prominent in local search is easier with Google My Business and that's why we've included it in our new services.

If we do not already manage your Google My Business Listing we can do this for you and provide some real insight into how well you're perfoming in local search.

SERPs Tracking

All of this without knowing where you actually are in SERPs for any given search term and in any given search egine would be no use without SERPs Tracking.

If you want to rank for any given search term then we can track that easily for you and we include it in part of our "Reports Only" SEO Package.

Use Google Search Console to identify where you actually appear in search for your existing content. Google Analytics will tell you how people engaged with your website while Google My Business will show you how well you perform in local search.

Our SERPs Tracking tools will help you identify where your website appears in search for terms you create on your website and in any search engine you choose.

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Many of our clients use these reports and see improvements in their website ranking, appearance in search and ultimately more sales.

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