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SEO Checklist

You could be forgiven for thinking SEO is just your web designer's responsibility or even assuming that it was included in the design but more and more I'm receiving contacts from clients for pure SEO work. No design (well, until I review the site that is) and just pure on site and off site SEO.

The checklist I have drafted here is by no means a substitute for a thorough analysis of your website and I make no recommendations on what should be done for one very good reason: All projects are individual and the SEO required can differ from business to business and even page to page.

If you have an active website and just want a quick list to run through to check whether your SEO is going in the right direction then this list is sure to help point you in the right direction, perhaps even provide you with enough information to go back to your web designer and ask for specific changes.

Please note: This guide is not a hard and fast list of things to do and it's by no means a substitute for a web professional checking over your website and code with the naked eye. However, it will (I hope) help you get your SEO going in the right direction.

Traffic - Revenue Correlation

No doubt you're aware that the more people that visit your website the more revenue you'll generate. That traffic has to be of the right sort though. In addition, you have to tailor the content and user experience to the audience and where they are at in their buying cycle. This is not something that will be covered here in any detail but your web professional should be able to help you with this.

The Foundations

Some things are just a given n the industry but I see that time and time again they are overlooked by so called "web designers" who IMHO are giving the industry a bad name.

Google Search Console

Formerly Google Webmaster Tools Google Search Console is where you submit your website to the Google index and among other things provides detailed information on how your website is performing in search.

Google Analytics

Now I appreciate that we're all busy people but for me there's absolutely no reason to overlook Google Analytics as this is absolutely crucial to seeing how your website traffic is performing.

Mobile Friendly

Moreso since #MobileGeddon it's important that your website is mobile friendly and available to those on the go or who prefer to use mobile for their browsing experience.

You can test if your website is mobile friendly quickly and easily by clicking here.

Conversion Path

With the above in place you're heading in the right direction for sure. However, once you have the users on your website you need to convert and although strictly speaking this is outside the scope of what I am writing here the elements I'll go through now all work towards that goal of providing relevant content that converts.


Is the URL relevant...? Is it descriptive, does it sum up in as few a number of words as possible what the content is about...?

Take the URL for this article for example, it's short, succinct and to the point. I'm not talking about rabbit breeding in Netherlands or some other topic, it's about an on site SEO checklist.

This might seem obvious but believe me, I see this error all too often.


The title for this article is "SEO Checklist" which again you could be forgiven for thinking that's obvious but many overlook it. They make the title too long or perhaps even not even relevant to the article in question.

The H1 tag

There should only be one of these, ever! It's easy to overlook but a good web designer should have already told you this and changing it may not be that easy so I'd consult your web designer for guidance here.


Yes, I've skipped a few meta tags here such as description, keywords and Open Graph but I would like to think your designer (by this stage) has a handle on what your focused on and is doing those things also.

Other elements that you really ought to be thinking of in this modern day of content marketing and distribution is your social networks. What image do they portray, is your message clear and unambiguous, and most importantly are you providing access to your conversion funnel...?

Graphics, content and contest all serve to help increase traffic flow and conversion so with that in mind please feel free to read up a brief article I wrote on our website analysis service and see if you'd like to have a professional cast an eye over your web presence.

Additional Info

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