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New Dedicated Server

We've just launched our new dedicated server for our clients and are making this available to the public too as we know there are clients out there willing to pay that little bit extra for performance and stability.

Like cars speed does not come cheap. However, unlike a car to get a faster website does not mean that you break open the piggy bank in order to get your website to load faster.

There are of-course tweaks you can apply and things you can do to speed up the delivery of your website but if the foundations are shared then you'll have to work that much harder in order to achieve your goals.

What No Website provide full featured and unrestricted WHM & cPanel web hosting to suit all your needs.

We've been providing hosting services for over 2 decades and with that comes the knowledge and assurance that we care about your website and do our level best to ensure that you have all the tools available to help your businesses succeed.

Over 2 Decades Of Experience

When you buy hosting from What no Website you're not simply buying hosting, you're buying over 2 decades of experience in the technology and hosting industry.

Our Customers Span the Globe

We have customers in Hawaii, South and Central America, Europe and further afield. All our customers enjoy fill featured WHM & cPanel web hosting as it's a platform they trust and helps them run their business.

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