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Doing Your Own Organic SEO

Designing a website is only the first in many steps required to get your business listed in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). In an article we wrote up some time ago now (December 2014 in-fact) the question asked was "Does Google Put Web Design Beyond The Reach Of Small Businesses" and to some extent I truly believe it does.

You have a business to run, clients and customers to service and inventory or products to manage. Not forgetting staff, suppliers, accounts and all this before you get to work on the luxury of marketing your business.

So, I can appreciate that you're busy and with that in mind I'll be as brief as I can. Here are a few simple things you can do to check your online business has a good solid foundation to be optimised and ranked in the SERPs.

I'm not going to cover everything here, there's simply too much. In 20+ years of designing websites you can imagine how much knowledge and information has been accumulated so to keep things simple I'll cover some of the most basic things you need to look at and when you have time simply browes through our Blog for more free tips and advice to help your business.

Is your website even listed in Google ?

You might think this is an obvious question but we discovered recently that our own website "whatnowebsite.co.uk" was not listed. There were no manual actions by Google, no obvious reasons for the website not appearing and it took a while to discover the reason why. The issue turned out to be a plugin we had installed to secure elements of the website that had inadvertantly told the Google search engine spider to "not index" the website.

Once we discovered this it was relatively easy to fix but finding the source of the problem took days. Once fixed, to check we simply searched for the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) "whatnowebsite.co.uk" and it produced a result with our website at the top.


You'll notice also that there are some links from sub pages on our site below that listing. These are referred to as "sitelinks" and are generated automatically by Google once your website grows in size to help people navigate to a sub page on your website such as "contact us" without having to go through your website's navigational structure first.

Google Analytics

Make sure you have Google Analytics on your website. This is invaluable for ensuring you can measure any engagement your website receives. The reports available in Google Analytics can provide you with fantastic insight into what's working, what needs improvement and where to focus your efforts in any marketing you are doing for your business.

Google Search Console

Also known as Google Webmaster Tools Google Search Console provides you with insights into how well your website is performing in search.

Where Google Analytics will tell you how people found and engaged with your website Google Search Console will help identify how you are doing in the SERPs.

For example, Google Search Console will tell you how well you rank for a particular search term while Google Analytics will tell you how people who actually visited your site found you through search.

These two tools, when combined, can provide a business with invaluable insights into how you are doing in both search and with the traffic that actually visits your website.

Meta Data

Now this is a bit more complex but still well worth researching and implementing on your website. Optimising your meta tags such as Title and description is not the end of optimisation but is most definitely a good start and ensures a good solid foundation for any SEO work you do later.


Where would we be without good quality content eh? A good piece of advice here would be to look at what you like, research the subject you're working on, even link to other articles of interest for further reading should the reader wish to do so and above all keep the content you write engaging.

A well written, informative article will receive more visits, views and shares so it's well worth investing the time to research your topic prior to writing.

If you run a business and are looking for a professional, polished and optimised website that works well across multiple devices and locations then why not get in touch.

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