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What you see here probably constitues a very small percentage of the entire number of projects completed over the last few years. We couldn't possibly include everything. However, we think you'll find a good spread.

We've worked with clients as far West as Hawaii, as far East as Japan and quite a few places in between.

Projects include 100% hand coded solutions such as Zounds AdTrack, designs for web design & SEO agencies such as Scout 50 and a whole bunch of other styles of sites such as HRUK Group (recruitment SEO campaign for 9 websites) and Restaurant Website Design.

Turn Your Idea Into Reality With What No Website !
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 13:11

How Much Does a Website Cost

You'll find this practice quite common with a lot of web designers, design agencies and consultants and for the most part it's for the simple reason that they do not want their competitors knowing how much they charge. Understandable I guess but also ridiculous as anyone can make contact posing as a prospect and solicit pricing quite quickly.

My Reasons:

You might be surprised to read that I really don't care who knows my rates. I'll happily give them publicly on social, in mail or in direct contact but there's a very good reason I do not provide them on my website.

There's currently an offer on my website for a Fresh Start Deal which offers websites at just £50 which might seem cheap to those in the industry and at the same time expensive to those that need a website but it's a way in. It's a way of getting a website up and running for small businesses and simultaneously providing access to the significant resources and experience at their disposal when they contract my services. All for just £50 a month !

Project Driven

Most of the work I do personally is project driven which means that rather than simply developiong a website and social presence (as is the case with the Fresh Start Deal) I tend to manage the project fo rthe client. What this means is that the client, even in the first instance when we talk about the concept, gains access to not only 20+ years of experience in the industry but an objective opinion of how viable their project is. Take a look at my article on Does Your Web Designer Get It if you'd like to learn more about this part o fthe process.

We Choose Our Clients

Now you may think that a web designer, agency, consultant is being a pain by not putting pricing on their website and instead asking you to "contact" them but it's done for one very good reason. We choose our clients. That's not to say we're choosy or picky but rather that we prefer to work with projects and clients who "turn us on" or "inspire" us.

I personally work with larger, more complex projects that require not just a website but hand coding, social and an alternative way of doing things. Projects that are different or do something different and those generally come with a significant investment in time. Understandably then I tend to walk away from the less interesting projects or I find ways of demonstrating to the client that they can be done differently.

So, next time you take a look around a web designer's website and get frustrated because you see no pricing remember: The supermarket puts prices on it's shelf so you can quickly make a decision and place the item in your basket.

Am I a Worthy Client?

This may seem harsh but it's not personal. The question should really be "Is my project worthy?". If it is, and you've read through that article above about whether your web designer gets it then you'll know within the first few minutes of the initial conversation whether your designer is keen to have your project on their books.

It's not about you, the brand or even the kudos of having "Acme Flooglebinders" on my portfolio page, it's about the project.

That said, why not get in touch if you have a project to discuss and let's see if I "get it"...

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