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If I'm asked what I do by someone who doesn't work in the trade I tell them I'm a web designer but in reality that's not what I am. I wrote an article recently entitled I'm Not a Web Designer which briefly outlines what I do and how.

Put simply I turn ideas into reality. I know that sounds a little vague but considering I have used Basic, Pascal, VB, VBA, ASP .net and more recently (since around 2005) PHP & MySQL you wouldn't be surprised if I said "code is a tool" because that's simply what it is. I have also recently hand coded a number of projects using Bootstrap & SASS, why...? Because I wanted to learn them thoroughly, no other reason.

But, that said: Code is a tool, nothing more. It gets the job done and should sit there quite happily doing what was intended ad finem.

I've been doing it that long it's hard to know where to start but it always starts with a concept, an idea and there are two distinct approaches I can take: RAD & JAD and Project Lifecycle Management.

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