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What No Website

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If you remember 56 Kbps modems and Windows 3.11 then you'll probably have an idea of how long I've been designing websites. It's been a while.

It's also been a while since I came across a problem that I couldn't solve using code, hence the strapline "Turning Ideas Into Reality Since 1995" (although I was designing websites prior to this) because with code all things are possible, pretty much.

The Process

The design of a website starts before the code is written, even before the domain name is registered, it starts with the concept.

Whether it be a small corner shop or a multi national operation the process is pretty much the same and hasn't changed that much in years. Identify your audience, market, others operating in the same field and make a detailed analysis of the keywords and how they might be utilised.

The Design

Whether you choose a templated design, hand coded, a Blog or just an online cart is dictated by your business model and how you want to attract prospective clients (the emphasis here is on “Attract” rather than “Promote” as promote indicates paid traffic of some sort and I focus 100% on organic results) and how you would like to convert them to paying customers all dictate the design.

User experience is everything, guiding helping and ultimately converting the prospect towards becoming a client.

The Implementation

If you're looking for a professionally guided project then you're in the right place. All the projects I manage or implement come with the following pre requisites:

  • Project review (the what, where and how)
  • A thorough keyword analysis report
  • Detailed keyword distribution report
  • Site analysis (where you have an existing site)
  • Thorough functional specification
  • Project scope

Retainer Services

Month on month more clients are retaining the services of a web design professional for access to industry latest, guidance on best practices and of course access to code and processes that help your business online.

to learn more about Paying a Web Designer a Retainer simply read the article on our Blog. I hope it helps...

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